Top 7 Summer Energy-Saving Tips

When it gets hot outside, your A/C unit can be your only refuge from the heat. But, using it can crank up your cooling bills. Don’t fret! We have compiled a few energy-saving habits to cut down your energy bills this summer. Keep reading to learn more!

#7: Switch to LED Light Bulbs

One of the common sources of unwanted heat in your home is light bulbs. But with LED light bulbs, you don’t have to sit in warm and stale summer air. LED lights consume 75% less energy and stay cool while in use; thus, generating less warm air indoors. Consider upgrading your incandescent or fluorescent light to LED lights for significant savings and comfort.

#6: Add Insulation If Needed

Even the smallest gap on the attic or crack on the wall or ceiling can become an entry point of the warm, outdoor air. Because you want to keep conditioner air indoors, you should reinforce air sealing and insulation on important areas of your home including attic and wall. Call in professionals to inspect your Artesia, NM home for air leaks and add insulation if needed.

#5: Use Window Treatments

Keep out of the sun’s heat by using window treatments like curtains and blinds. Use any light-colored shades for drapes, blinds, and curtains to block the heat. Keep them close at daytime and open at night time to allow the fresh, cool breeze indoors.

#4: Clear Your Outdoor Unit and Air Filters From Debris

Give your condenser unit and air filters a good clean before turning on your air conditioning unit these warm months. These components are vital to maintaining proper airflow in your system especially if you’re after energy-saving goals. Make sure they stay clean and clear from dirt at all times.

#3: Use Your Ceiling Fans

Instead of using your air conditioner, why not turn on your ceiling fans to cool your space. It’s a great way of saving dollars on your energy bills this summer. Be sure to place your ceiling fans on open spaces or areas at home because they work best that way. 

#2: Keep Track of Unused Appliances

Another way to escape from sky-high bills is to keep track of your appliances and electrical devices. Unplug or turn them off when they’re not being used. Those that aren’t useful for the warm weather are good to be kept. 

#1: Turn Up Your Temperature

Without your air conditioner, the entire summer can be unbearable. Yet thinking about your energy-saving goals, you can still run your A/C to its fullest by being smart with your thermostat. Turn it up to 76 degrees Fahrenheit to help you save about 15% to 20% of your energy bill. 

This cooling season, there are several ways to beat the heat while limiting your energy use. Keep in touch with us at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC for more tips. For your HVAC needs in Artesia, NM, feel free to contact our experts today!