How to Deal With Frozen Pipes

How to Deal With Frozen Pipes

A frozen pipe can be your worst nightmare during the cold season. But if you take precautions, you can keep this frustrating experience at bay. Avoid the extremely costly effects of frozen pipes with these preventive steps below.

Start Outdoors

While the chilly temperature has not arrived yet, you can start dealing with your outdoor plumbing including the hoses and sprinklers. Turn off all your outdoor faucets. Place insulated caps on the hose and faucet openings for extra protection. Drain the hoses or sprinklers and make sure to leave no trace of water in them before storing them indoors.

Check for Leaks

Examine both your indoor and outdoor plumbing system and check for leakage. Leaking pipes are indications that they are about to burst which can cause serious damage to your plumbing system and property. For this reason, you should inspect and take the utmost care to your plumbing fixtures to prevent water-related disasters. Fix any leaking pipes as soon as you spotted them.

Insulate Your Pipes

Your plumbing system consists of several pipes that run throughout your residential space. Not keeping these pipes insulated makes them vulnerable to cold temperatures especially this winter. To protect your pipes from freezing, it is a smart idea to invest in pipe insulating sleeves. The insulation inhibits chafing on the pipes when they expand or contract and prevents the heat from escaping. Insulating your pipes is a wise move to winterize your home’s plumbing system.

Seek Help From Professional Plumbers

Seeking professional help when faced with plumbing issues is crucial for your home and everyone in the family. If you are not comfortable about dealing with the pipes yourself, it is best to contact expert plumbers. Trying to remedy the frozen pipes on your own can be dangerous. Just consider the time, stress and risks that can come if you attempt to fix the issue without knowing exactly how to address it. Let the experts handle the issue for you. Schedule an inspection and maintenance as early as now.

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