How Much Energy Does Your Air Conditioner Consume?

How Much Energy Does Your Air Conditioner Consume?

Wondering how much energy your A/C unit is using? The truth is – your A/C power consumption can be unpredictable most of the time. But, you’ll know if it consumes less or more power by simply looking at your electric bills.

To estimate your cooling costs, you may start with knowing how many watts your existing air conditioning system uses.

  • Central A/C (fan only – compressor off) – 750 W
  • Central Air Conditioner – 3500 W

Watts can be different depending on the type of A/C system you’re using. A typical air conditioner in most households consumes an average of 318 watts, equivalent to a 24,000 BTU unit.

Factors Affecting Your A/C’s Energy Consumption

  • Type of Air Conditioner

In choosing an A/C, don’t just go for lower wattage, but select a unit that’s right for your home and comfort needs. Getting an A/C that’s too small or too big won’t keep you comfortable indoors. Before buying a new unit, make sure to get advice from your air conditioning company in Artesia, NM about the A/C type that best suits your comfort requirements.

  • Age/Condition of Your A/C

The age and health of your existing cooling system matter when it comes to energy efficiency.

As it ages, it loses efficiency, making it harder and longer for the system to meet your desired temperature. Take note that the longer your A/C runs, the higher your electric bills are.

  • Quality of Insulation

There are several energy-efficient home insulation options that you can use to significantly increase your comfort while lowering your energy consumption. An energy assessment can help you identify areas of the house that require additional insulation. Contact a specialist for best results.

If you wish to know more about your air conditioner’s energy consumption, Coats Plumbing and HVAC LLC, we are here to guide you. Our experts can lend a hand in conserving energy with your A/C system. Call us to get started!