Fall Furnace Safety Tips

Fall Furnace Safety Tips

Before grabbing some blanket and warm clothing, take some time preparing your furnace for the coming frosty months. No matter what type of furnace you have, it is crucial to put safety on top of your priorities this fall. Therefore, before turning up the heat, learn these furnace safety tips for a safer home.

Set Some Furnace Rules

Your furnace can pose a risk to your family especially to kids. They may play around the furnace or leave their toys near the unit. As a preventive measure, you can talk to them about certain rules on using the unit to ensure their safety. Set some restrictions or limits that will help them understand the danger of being careless and inattentive. Provide a separate room for them where they can make the most of the space purely for play.

Keep the Air Flowing

Your furnace requires the right amount of air to work. If it does not get enough air, it will eat up the oxygen indoors, which is something you would not want to happen. To avoid the hazards of low oxygen levels inside your home, you should allow the furnace to breathe. Let the air in and out of the room where the furnace is placed. Clear up any obstructions around the unit.

Place Flammable Items at a Distance

Keep away all flammable or explosive items from the furnace. If your furnace room is used as a laundry and storage room at the same time, make sure that it is organized and tidy. Some materials like paint, papers, sawdust, old rags and wood scraps should be kept at a distance for maximum safety.

Schedule a Professional Inspection and Maintenance

To keep your furnace in top shape for the entire year, see to it that it is regularly serviced. Two of the most important ways to sustain your heating or cooling system is through proper servicing and maintenance. The motor, bearings and other parts of the furnace need to be lubricated regularly for best performance. Contact your trusted heating technician to keep your heater at optimal efficiency throughout the cold months.

If handled improperly, your furnace can pose serious risks to occupant’s lives and properties. Thus, to secure a fire-safe abode, it is best to follow these safety tips involving the use of your furnace this fall. For more tips, call our specialists at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC. Your safety and security are always on top of our concerns.