When you learn that your air conditioning system in Artesia, NM won’t turn on, don’t fret. Below are easy and quick steps to know why your system is experiencing this issue. Tripped Circuit Breaker Once overloading is detected, circuit breakers automatically shut off to protect your home from fire and other damages. Using too many devices and appliances at once can cause the breaker to

Spring allergies are not entirely devastating, yet they can be a nuisance for allergy sufferers. Although you can’t get rid of pollen and allergens in your home one hundred percent, these tips will surely help lessen their effects. Get Rid of Clutter The fewer stuff at home, the lesser space for allergens to thrive. Plus, it’s a lot easier to clean the house with less

The thermostat market recorded approximately $1.1 billion of sales worldwide in 2017. According to the forecast study released by the Grand View Research, Inc., the thermostat market will continue to increase its demand and will reach about $2.99 billion by 2022.  Continue reading this post to learn more! What Reinforces the Demand for Smart Thermostats? It’s HOME AUTOMATION! The demand for smart thermostats continues to

Having the right HVAC system is as important as getting a trusted and professional installer. Therefore, you want to make sure that your new system installation is done right. Unfortunately, most people end up choosing the wrong installer, leading them in these installation mistakes below. You Have the Wrong System Size If you rely on your HVAC contractor to find the right size for your

HVAC technologies have gotten smarter and more advanced recently. New developments in the heating and cooling industry are centered on preventing heat loss and bringing on board renewable resources including geothermal and solar energies. This 2019, get ready for these three (3) green innovations in the HVAC industry. Smart Residential HVAC Systems Maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere requires your HVAC system to work round-the-clock, thus

There are different types and brands of thermostats. So how do you find the best one that suits your heating and cooling system? Let us help you choose the right thermostat to meet your comfort needs. Mechanical/Traditional If you’re looking for the cheapest thermostat, you’ll surely spend less with mechanical type. Not only that they are inexpensive, but they are also easy to use. The downside

Have you been hearing an unusual, clicking sound coming from your furnace? There are many issues linked to that ticking noise that require your attention. Take a look at these 3 common problems of a clicking furnace. Pilot Light Issues A clicking sound on your furnace is the result of possible issues in the pilot light. Over time, pilot assemblies may wear out, bend or

The cold season can make your indoor air a bit unhealthy. With insufficient moisture in the air, your Artesia, NM home can become a breeding ground for sickness and allergies. No worries! Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC got you covered. Stay healthy indoors this winter with these tips from our HVAC specialists. Be Proactive in Cleaning Your Home Keeping your home clean and tidy should

Have you noticed some odd sounds coming from your furnace? Does it kick off more often than normal? If your furnace shows these odd signs, it means that your blower motor is overheating. Continue reading to learn more! What is Blower Motor? The blower motor is a vital component of your furnace which blows warm air to the vents in the entire house. This part