5 Reasons to Use a Humidifier This Cold Season

The cold season is the time of the year when heating systems are at work. But relying on your furnace or any space heater is not enough to keep you warm, cozy and illness-free this winter. Using a humidifier offers almost the same benefits as that of furnaces.

Discover five (5) reasons why installing a humidifier is a wise idea for winter.

  • Less illness

The advent of the cold months signifies low humidity inside your home. Without enough moisture indoors, you and your family are at risk of sickness due to dry air which affects not only your immune system but your respiratory health as well. Thanks to humidifiers that help balance the level of moisture in the air. With one installed in your Artesia, NM home, you can enjoy a healthier winter.

  • Clear Sinuses

With dry air, germs, bacteria, and viruses can easily circulate indoors which can threaten your mucous membranes and sinuses. For family members with sensitivities and allergies, the cold season can become much like a curse. Avoid the symptoms of stuffy nose and irritated throat caused by moist air through a humidifier.

  • Huge Energy Savings

Adding moisture in the air can actually make your residential space feel warmer. With high humidity levels inside your home, your heating system will have to work less. If you are lucky enough, you may no longer rely on your furnace, boiler or any heater you have right now. The humidifier can warm your space alone.

  • Improve Comfort

Just like how a dehumidifier makes summer easy to bear, your humidifier can also make winter less irritating. If you keep the right moisture level, it makes the temperature indoors feel warmer and more comfortable. When more heat is trapped in the human body, we tend to feel a bit warmer than normal thus, installing a humidifier can be a great help.

  • Better Sleep

Snoring can get worse during winter. So if you complain about your partner snoring during the cold nights, a humidifier can be your ultimate solution. It eliminates sinus problems and prevents them from coming back. Now, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep through the night.

If you still have doubts about the benefits of using a humidifier these cold months, ask our specialists at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC. We have the answers to all your heating and cooling queries. Schedule a service or request an estimate here

Before grabbing some blanket and warm clothing, take some time preparing your furnace for the coming frosty months. No matter what type of furnace you have, it is crucial to put safety on top of your priorities this fall. Therefore, before turning up the heat, learn these furnace safety tips for a safer home.

Set Some Furnace Rules

Your furnace can pose a risk to your family especially to kids. They may play around the furnace or leave their toys near the unit. As a preventive measure, you can talk to them about certain rules on using the unit to ensure their safety. Set some restrictions or limits that will help them understand the danger of being careless and inattentive. Provide a separate room for them where they can make the most of the space purely for play.

Keep the Air Flowing

Your furnace requires the right amount of air to work. If it does not get enough air, it will eat up the oxygen indoors, which is something you would not want to happen. To avoid the hazards of low oxygen levels inside your home, you should allow the furnace to breathe. Let the air in and out of the room where the furnace is placed. Clear up any obstructions around the unit.

Place Flammable Items at a Distance

Keep away all flammable or explosive items from the furnace. If your furnace room is used as a laundry and storage room at the same time, make sure that it is organized and tidy. Some materials like paint, papers, sawdust, old rags and wood scraps should be kept at a distance for maximum safety.

Schedule a Professional Inspection and Maintenance

To keep your furnace in top shape for the entire year, see to it that it is regularly serviced. Two of the most important ways to sustain your heating or cooling system is through proper servicing and maintenance. The motor, bearings and other parts of the furnace need to be lubricated regularly for best performance. Contact your trusted heating technician to keep your heater at optimal efficiency throughout the cold months.

If handled improperly, your furnace can pose serious risks to occupant’s lives and properties. Thus, to secure a fire-safe abode, it is best to follow these safety tips involving the use of your furnace this fall. For more tips, call our specialists at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC. Your safety and security are always on top of our concerns.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist for Artesia, NM Homeowners

Regular air conditioning maintenance is a vital piece of your home’s overall comfort and efficiency. It is just saddening to know that most homeowners only think about A/C maintenance when their units break down. For equipment like air conditioners, utmost care and attention are required to maintain its best shape throughout the year.

Take a look at this A/C maintenance checklist for your guide.

Indoor Unit

  • Thermostat. See if the batteries are still working. Do a quick inspection on your thermostat for loose or damaged wires. Calibrate if needed.
  • Air Filters. When air filters get clogged, it can cause trouble for everyone in the house. Be sure to check the filters once a month to know if they need replacement or cleaning.
  • Motors & Bearings. Dirty and dry motors are risky for your air conditioning unit. To avoid failure on the motors, check and lubricate them as often as possible. Improperly lubricated bearing and other rotating components inside the system can lead to sudden A/C breakdown.
  • Evaporator Coil. Inspect and clean this part as needed. Also, don’t forget to clean the condensate drain lines.
  • The control box, ignition system, and safety controls. Check and clean them as required. You can make adjustments on the ignition system if needed. See if they are worn out or loose
  • Electrical Connections. Look for loose connections on the motor, compressor, and have them fixed or tightened as soon as you noticed the problem.
  • You also have to look into the ducts to spot leaks, dirt, and debris. Ducts need to be cleaned regularly for proper airflow and healthier indoor air.
  • Capacitors and Contactor. They serve as the electrical channel of your cooling system. Their amp and volt must be tested to prevent electrical issues that may arise.

Outdoor Unit

  • Check the condenser unit for the right refrigerant level. You can adjust it if necessary.
  • Remove dirt, dust, weeds, bushes, debris or anything that can block the unit. Eliminate any obstructions in and around the unit so the air can circulate properly.
  • Go into the drain openings and remove any restrictions or obstructions.
  • Clean the condenser coil as necessary.
  • Make sure to lubricate the fan blades and motor fan especially for old A/C units.

Expert Air Conditioner Maintenance Service in Artesia, NM
With a well-maintained air conditioning unit, you can expect optimal comfort at home throughout the summer. If you are looking for professionals who can sustain the efficiency of your A/C unit, never hesitate to call us at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC. Contact us for your HVAC needs today.



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Tips for Choosing the Best HVAC Contractor in Artesia, NM

Not sure how to find the best HVAC contractor? You are not alone! Majority of homeowners in Artesia, NM are uncertain on how to go about selecting and dealing with different heating and air conditioning companies.

To help you land the right HVAC partner, we have rounded up five (5) expert tips in finding top-notch professionals to install, diagnose, repair and maintain your system.

  1. Research and Ask for Referrals

First things first – do your research. Looking for a dependable HVAC company requires you to work out your research skills in whatever way possible. Use the World Wide Web as your tool in searching the information you need about the company including online reviews, history, ratings and many more. Word of mouth also matters so you should yield great pieces of advice from people you know.

  1. Go for a Certified One

Surely, you would want to work with the company that you can trust. A reliable heating and cooling contractor is certified and licensed – one with a good background. Make sure to hire a company with EPA or NATE certification. Do not hesitate to ask for their license number to ensure your safety.

  1. Request a Home Evaluation

A reputable HVAC company would come to your home to do a complete evaluation of your space and current system. Your contractor should be willing to conduct a visit and inspection before making any estimates on the type and size of unit suited to your home’s needs. They must get to know your home first before starting any project.

  1. Compare Prices

Shop around for companies that offer fair and honest pricing. A good contractor will walk you through the exact cost of any service may it be a repair or replacement. Beware of those who speak quality work but with the lowest service fee. You may ask for a written estimate or proposal prior to signing a contract.

  1. Pick One With A Good Track of Record

Go for a contractor with proven years of excellence and hands-on experience in the business. This guarantees that they can handle any of your HVAC problems and needs regardless of model and type of the system. Do not fall victim to sweet words instead choose one with outstanding expertise in the industry.

Some HVAC companies might be too good to be true so beware! We at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC guarantee that our business is not one of those. We value your money and trust more than anything else. If you need a reliable heating and cooling contractor around Artesia, NM, we are the one to call. Contact us today for help.