Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist for Artesia, NM Homeowners

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist for Artesia, NM Homeowners

Regular air conditioning maintenance is a vital piece of your home’s overall comfort and efficiency. It is just saddening to know that most homeowners only think about A/C maintenance when their units break down. For equipment like air conditioners, utmost care and attention are required to maintain its best shape throughout the year.

Take a look at this A/C maintenance checklist for your guide.

Indoor Unit

  • Thermostat. See if the batteries are still working. Do a quick inspection on your thermostat for loose or damaged wires. Calibrate if needed.
  • Air Filters. When air filters get clogged, it can cause trouble for everyone in the house. Be sure to check the filters once a month to know if they need replacement or cleaning.
  • Motors & Bearings. Dirty and dry motors are risky for your air conditioning unit. To avoid failure on the motors, check and lubricate them as often as possible. Improperly lubricated bearing and other rotating components inside the system can lead to sudden A/C breakdown.
  • Evaporator Coil. Inspect and clean this part as needed. Also, don’t forget to clean the condensate drain lines.
  • The control box, ignition system, and safety controls. Check and clean them as required. You can make adjustments on the ignition system if needed. See if they are worn out or loose
  • Electrical Connections. Look for loose connections on the motor, compressor, and have them fixed or tightened as soon as you noticed the problem.
  • You also have to look into the ducts to spot leaks, dirt, and debris. Ducts need to be cleaned regularly for proper airflow and healthier indoor air.
  • Capacitors and Contactor. They serve as the electrical channel of your cooling system. Their amp and volt must be tested to prevent electrical issues that may arise.

Outdoor Unit

  • Check the condenser unit for the right refrigerant level. You can adjust it if necessary.
  • Remove dirt, dust, weeds, bushes, debris or anything that can block the unit. Eliminate any obstructions in and around the unit so the air can circulate properly.
  • Go into the drain openings and remove any restrictions or obstructions.
  • Clean the condenser coil as necessary.
  • Make sure to lubricate the fan blades and motor fan especially for old A/C units.

Expert Air Conditioner Maintenance Service in Artesia, NM
With a well-maintained air conditioning unit, you can expect optimal comfort at home throughout the summer. If you are looking for professionals who can sustain the efficiency of your A/C unit, never hesitate to call us at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC. Contact us for your HVAC needs today.