6 Signs of Residential Plumbing Issues in Artesia, NM You Can’t Ignore

6 Signs of Residential Plumbing Issues in Artesia, NM You Can’t Ignore

What happens if you overlook even the smallest issue in your plumbing system? You’ll end up paying a higher amount for repair or replacement (if necessary). If you failed to maintain your system, the damage would get worse over time.

Read on to know these six (6) important signs of plumbing problems that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Sewage Odor
Do you smell a really disgusting odor from your sewage? Your sewage line or vent might have been damaged or broken. Impaired sewer vents or pipes can post risk not just to your health but also on the environment. If you smell anything odd in your sewage system, do not ignore and contact your contractor quickly.

2. Water Drains Slow
Having trouble with your bathroom or kitchen sink that drains too slow? Your drains might be clogged. Your DIY efforts may help solve this problem, but there is always a risk of damaging your pipes. Calling the experts is the best move.

3. Leaking Pipes
If you notice some discoloration on the ceilings, floors, and walls, your pipes might have leaks. To check where the leaks come from, turn off all showers and faucets first. If the water meter is spinning, leakage is positive. Call a certified plumber to inspect the system.

4. Running Toilet
The common cause of running toilets is leakage. Inspect the plunger then flush the toilet to locate the source of the leaks. The plunger should be back to its place after flushing the toilet. If the issue still exists, the plunger may need replacement. Consult your trusted plumber for help.

5. Gurgling Sound
Do you hear a gurgling sound every time you use the toilet, dishwasher or washing machine?
It is a sign of clogged drains. The gurgling sound occurs when the air is trying to find its way out of your plumbing system. Once you hear this sound, stop using water for the meantime then call a trained technician.

6. Frozen Pipes
One of the greatest fears of Artesia, NM homeowners is a frozen pipe. If the pipes freeze, the water will no longer run through the pipes. Prevent frozen pipes by leaving your sink cabinets open and exposing them to warm air. Never try thawing the pipes on your own because it may result in more damage. Always seek professional assistance for best results.

Your home’s plumbing system is one of the most important facets of the household. With poor maintenance, these problems will eventually worsen over time. Act now! If you need plumbing assistance, call us at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC today.