5 Common HVAC Installation Mistakes That Cost Money

5 Common HVAC Installation Mistakes That Cost Money

Having the right HVAC system is as important as getting a trusted and professional installer. Therefore, you want to make sure that your new system installation is done right. Unfortunately, most people end up choosing the wrong installer, leading them in these installation mistakes below.

  1. You Have the Wrong System Size

If you rely on your HVAC contractor to find the right size for your air conditioner or furnace, make sure to ask for necessary tests and calculations. Do not fall prey on the belief that a bigger system is better. Both undersized and oversized heating and cooling systems can cause you several problems sooner or later. With the right system size, you can adequately cool or heat your space.

  1. Faulty Duct Placement & Installation

The results can be devastating when your duct system is poorly installed using cheap materials.

Faulty duct installation may leave leaks, gaps, and cracks in the system in no time; thus, affecting the air distribution process. Leaky ducts also increase your energy costs due to a wasted cool or heated air. Other drawbacks of incorrectly installed ducts include humidity issues, annoying noise, and dust.

  1. Poor Air Circulation Design

Your A/C and furnace system do only half the job in maintaining your indoor comfort. To fully maximize their function, your duct system needs to be designed correctly for proper air distribution. Your installer has to make sure that the duct size matches the output capacity of the system.

  1. Incorrectly Designed Drain Systems

Wastewater from your HVAC system needs to drain safely to prevent the risks of system failure and breakdown. If the drain system is not properly designed, excess water can cause severe damage to your system and building as well. The accumulated water may also result in air quality problems.

  1. Poorly Constructed Exhaust System

Your heating system like furnace emits toxic and contaminated gases such as carbon monoxide. These gases need to be vented out properly. If not, the fumes will accumulate inside your home and lead to health issues.

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