3 Common Reasons of A Clicking Furnace Unit

3 Common Reasons of A Clicking Furnace Unit

Have you been hearing an unusual, clicking sound coming from your furnace? There are many issues linked to that ticking noise that require your attention. Take a look at these 3 common problems of a clicking furnace.

Pilot Light Issues

A clicking sound on your furnace is the result of possible issues in the pilot light. Over time, pilot assemblies may wear out, bend or loose which can affect the ignition process. The clicking noise is probably caused by faulty parts in the pilot such as the ignition switch, orifice, flame adjustment, and the thermocouple. Each of these parts performs a special function in the furnace for efficient operation. Ask a certified HVAC technician to clean and check these parts for expert solutions. A well-maintained pilot assembly ensures that your furnace will perform safely and efficiently throughout its lifespan.

Gas Valve Problems
Does your furnace produce a recurrent, disturbing clicking noise? That sound indicates a problem not only the pilot light but also with the unit’s gas valve. Once damaged, the gas won’t be able to reach the burners, igniter and pilot light. Without the gas, the furnace won’t produce heat in the igniter which in turn creates the ticking noise. A faulty gas valve should only be repaired by a gas provider or a licensed technician as obliged by law.

Motor Bearings

Worn out motor bearings of your furnace also results in a clicking noise. If not repaired immediately, the motor may shut off completely and lead to costly repair someday. When your furnace motor fails, you should give special attention to its bearings and shafts. Keep strict monitoring on the bearings, and lubricate them regularly as necessary through professional help.

Bad bearings are one of the warning signs that the motor needs replacement or best, install new bearings on the motor for fewer expenses. Usually, the motor fails due to overheating, excess moisture and lack of maintenance. Make sure that your furnace gets consistent attention and care from your HVAC provider.

Furnace Diagnostic, Repair and Maintenance Services in Artesia, NM

While many furnace problems are easy to solve through simple DIY efforts, some require the assistance and expertise of a furnace technician like a clicking sound. Routine maintenance can expose hidden issues and prevent unnecessary sounds from your furnace while keeping the highest quality of comfort indoors this cold season. Call us at Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC as soon as you hear your furnace clicking.