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Coats Plumbing and HVAC LLC has been thriving for 20 years of business with 10 years of water treatment experience. We sell water treatment systems with the highest reputation in the water treatment! 

Water Treatment FAQ's

Will my water taste salty?

No! Water softeners use water to change ion charges of elements in the water to make the water "soft." Softeners add salt but such a small amount that you will never taste it!

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

A Reverse Osmosis system forces water, under pressure into a module that contains a semipermeable membrane and a carbon filter to remove impurities.

Whether it’s an unpleasant smell or a bad taste, hard water that is increasing your utility bills or a simple desire for convenient, quality drinking water we are here to help. Water Treatment can benefit any part of your home from spot free dishes to cleaner, softer laundry, noticeably cleaner skin and longer lasting appliances! Ask our specialists about testing your water! 

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When is it time to seek professional help for your water?

  • Does your water smell or taste funny?                                              
  • Are your clean dishes left with a film?
  • Do you have to let your water “settle” before you drink it?             
  • Does your skin feel dry & itchy after a shower?

Will an RO System remove the added salt from softened water?

Yes! A properly calibrated RO system will remove 99% of all salt added by water softeners.

Coats Plumbing and HVAC Water Treatment Specialists

​Coats Plumbing and HVAC, LLC

The water treatment specialists at Coats Plumbing and HVAC are here to help you take care of any of the problems you have with your water. We can help you maintain or repair your existing water softener and reverse osmosis system. If you don't have a system in place we can help you find the right system for you by installing a water softener and reverse osmosis system at your home or business in Artesia, NM, Carlsbad, NM and surrounding areas. Find out what it's like to have soft water and great tasting drinking water in your own home!

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We deliver salt and maintain water softeners and RO Systems!

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What is a Water Softener?

Water Softeners remove hardness from water by reducing calcium, manganese, small amounts of iron and certain other metal cations making the water “soft”.

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